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5-stars-transMary Jo is the best teacher I have ever taken a sewing class from.

June 22, 2015

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5-stars-transGreat classes. Learned a lot. My favorite was the lace handkerchief. Her instructions are complete and she ensures all her students are successful. We learn something new every time we attend. Thank you Mary Jo.


DJ July 12, 2015

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5-stars-transI have had my serger for several years, and never learned how to use it. After one full day class with MaryJo, I was able to thread and trouble shoot my machine. I can't believe how much I learned in just one day. Can't wait for our projects. Thank you MaryJo.

Linda Flaharty

July 12, 2015

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5-stars-transMaryJo is a fantastic teacher. She is so very patient and always ready to help. I have been in her class for a number of years and learn every day I attend and plan on being there this fall. Thank you.

Elaine Wojciechoski

Linda Flaharty July 12, 2015

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5-stars-transI purchased Mary Jo's DVD's. These DVD's are excellent. It was as if
having her right there with me without driving her crazy with "Could
you repeat that?" I could just go back and watch again and again until
I got it! Mary Jo is an excellent teacher leaving no stone unturned
getting you to understand what you're doing. Highly recommend! Thank
you Mary Jo.

Sandra B.

May 27, 2016

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5-stars-transMary Jo's "Intro to your Janome sewing machine" class was absolutely wonderful! I took it in Ventura where I bought my new machine. I literally had no sewing experience. Within ONE afternoon class, with Mary Jo's awesome guidance, I made a beautiful pouch bag with a ZIPPER!!! I could not have been more happy or felt more encouraged. Thank you, Mary Jo. I hope to take more classes from you.

Andrea Barkan

Andrea Barkan January 14, 2015

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5-stars-transI purchased a serger a few years ago specifically to make recycled sweater projects. I knew how to thread it but I had a bad case of "Fear of serger" I saw Mary Jo's class offered in the local catalog for the 5 cities. I decided to sign up to see if she could help me. I Have been sewing since I was a toddler and my Mom taught me to run
a piece of paper through the Singer treadle to master the art of peddling that treadle. It was a great way to keep me occupied. I went on to make doll clothes and play dress up clothes for myself and then real clothes. I continued sewing till I was in my 20's. so I am returning to a hobby of the past with new machines and new techniques.

I learn new things from her every class and sometimes I learn something I knew years ago that has slipped my mind. Today I took a new machine to class and she came by every few minutes to see if I needed help yet. toward the end of class as she was showing my a technique yet again, I said "You have shown me this about 8 times today, maybe I will get it this time" she laughed and said "I thought it would take ten" She is my favorite teacher, ever. She is so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic and patient and fun.

Barbara J.

November 27, 2015

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5-stars-transI had just retired and had taken the two lessons that came with the purchase of my new serger.  I needed more help; I kept running back and forth to the store. Then I discovered a serger class taught by Mary Jo Gabel at the local junior college.  She taught in a way that assured success quickly and joyfully.   I didn't stop with serger classes; next came embroidery machine, then clothing construction.  I was hooked.  Now, after 17 years of her wonderful classes, I still keep going on, and, truthfully, learning something new every week.
She is the most engaging teacher, gives lots of individual help, is patient, knows so much about every aspect of sewing and lots of short-cuts to speed up projects and look more professionally done. We are fortunate to have her.

Lorraine F

August 17, 2015