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Rolled Hems


5.00 out of 5

“ROLLED HEMS” is a two hour DVD giving the viewer everything they ever wanted to know about rolled hems from adjusting tensions to troubleshooting. You will learn to adjust tensions for a 2-thread and a 3-thread rolled hem using woolly nylon and other decorative threads. Mary Jo gives you tips for being successful using your rolled hem stitch for lettuce edging, making wired ribbon, and serging over fishingline and pearls! This DVD also shows adjusting and serger tips for serging a wide wrapped stitch which is used on polar fleece, place mats, etc.

– Adjusting tensions for 2-thread and 3-thread rolled hems, using woolly nylon and other decorative threads
– Lettuce edging
– Using wire to make wired ribbon and fishing line for ruffles with the rolled hem
– Adjusting for the wide wrapped stitch to use on polar fleece, place mats, etc.

2 reviews for Rolled Hems

  1. Linda Schultz
    5 out of 5


    Another must have! See “Basic Serger” review!

  2. Sue
    5 out of 5


    I was having problems getting a good rolled hem the other day and thought before I get anymore frustrated I’ll just get out Mary Jo’s DVD and refresh my memory. Since I now live to far away to attend classes I’m glad I bought all her DVD’s. It was wonderful…within minutes my stitch was perfect and I was able to complete my project with out anymore hesitation.
    Thanks Mary Jo, you always come thru for us wheather near of far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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