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“Easy Tear” Stabilizer


Comes in a 24 inch by 5 yard package.

24″ X 5 Yards
$10 per package

Mary Jo’s students use this stabilizer for addevd tear away support. It is wonderful to use for any in-the-hoop designs that you are turning right side when finished (bags, etc.). It also works well with designs made in the hoop using felt where you are trimming about an 1/8″ away from the stitching. It does not like an iron, so when pressing embroidery that you have used this stabilizer, make sure you use a press cloth.

– Is perforated, so it tears away with ease.
– Use as you would any tear away stabilizer.
– Can also be put under the hoop when more stabilizer is needed. Especially when used in conjunction with Press And Tear.
– Press only with a press cloth.
– Wide width means more hoopings with various sized hoops.
– Best use of wide width stabilizers is to cut a strip the width needed to adequately fill the hoop, but do not cut it across.   Hoop using the stabilizer and the allow the rest of the strip to be rolled up and pinned out of the way.   Once finished with the embroidery, un-hoop the project and you are ready to hoop the next item.   You probably will get an additional hooping out of the strip versus cutting each piece of stabilizer to fit the hoop.

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