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5.00 out of 5

A two hour dvd on putting in zippers with the sewing machine.

  • Putting in a zipper has never been easier
  • Easy to follow step by step directions
  • Constant close up viewing
  • Zipper success for all levels of sewers
  • The dvds are like having a private lesson in your own home
  • Learn five different zipper applications:

– an invisible zipper
– a lapped zipper
– a center application zipper
– a fly front pant zipper
– an insertion zipper–1/4 front shirt zipper

1 review for Zippers

  1. Pamela Thompson
    5 out of 5


    This video is phenomenal. Using this video I was successful in putting in a lapped zipper the first time I tried. The part I really liked was that I could start and stop the video at each step which made it much easier to follow. I have been taking classes from Mary Jo for about a year and learn something new each time I attend but often I find it difficult to repeat at home what I have learned in class. This video is like having Mary Jo in person in the privacy of my own sewing room. I love it and can’t wait to try the invisible zipper next. Thank you Mary Jo for your dedication to your students and the art of sewing.

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